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Stem Cell Treatment Center

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Our Procedure

Regenerative Medicine: Our Procedure

The Newport Beach Stem Cell Treatment Center uses autologous  adult stem cells to provide care for patients  suffering from chronic conditions  that may be treated with adult stem cell-based regenerative treatment. Our regenerative medicine procedure involves initial screening by one of our physicians. Once a patient is deemed to be an appropriate candidate, the procedure itself is performed by our board-certified  surgeon, assisted by a team of experienced registered nurses and technicians. The entire process from start to finish takes about three hours. It is relatively painless, and recovery time is minimal.

Local Anesthesia and Fat Harvesting 

The stem cells are derived from the patient’s own fat, which  is harvested during mini-liposuction. Performed in our sterile treatment facility under local anesthesia, specially designed equipment is used to remove several ounces of fat, usually from the abdominal area. This part of our procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Cell Preparation

After harvesting the fat, the next step is to isolate the stem cells by  separating them  from the fat cells. Our procedure, which involves a sterile “closed system” technology (so cells never come into contact with the outside environment), yields extremely high numbers of viable stem cells.

Deployment Into the Body 

The stem cells are then deployed, or returned, back into the patient’s body using  minimally invasive methods. Depending on the condition, stem cells may be  infused into veins or injected subcutaneously or directly into joints or other areas. In the right environment, these stem cells can differentiate, or change, into bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, collagen, nerves, blood vessels, and other tissue types. Because these are the patient’s own cells, there is no risk of rejection.